Woody Harrelson Makes a Request for Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Hawaii

Nearly 70 people applied for a license to open one of the first medicinal cannabis dispensaries in Hawaii, and one of the applicants was the famous actor and marijuana advocate, Woody Harrelson.

Harrelson’s application for a license was in Honolulu County under his company, Simple Organic Living.
woody harrelsonThe list of the 66 applicants was posted this Friday on the website of The Hawaii Department of Health. The dispensary permits will be awarded in April, after the state thoroughly reviews all applications.

Among other applicants, together with Harrelson, is the video game entrepreneur Henk Rogers, under his company Blue Planet Foundation, who is famous for discovering the video game “Tetris”, and is an advocate for energy independence across the state. Also, the former University of Hawaii Regent Charles Kawakami, and the producer of “Hawaii Stars,” Dirk Fukushima can be found on the list of applicants.

In order to make this request, dispensary applicants must have $1 million cash before applying for a license, also $100,000 for each dispensary location, and they must have been Hawaii residents for at least five years.

Eight licenses will be granted for cannabis business owners across the islands, according to a law passed in 2015. Under this law, the medical marijuana businesses will be allowed to have two production centers and two retail dispensaries, for a total of 16 dispensaries statewide.

Dispensaries are set to open in July, 2016.

Through the legislative process, Hawaii became the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2000. Also, laws for legalizing recreational marijuana have been introduced by lawmakers of the state, but it is highly unlikely to pass this year.

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