Three Alabama Moms Plead for Cannabis Oil Legalization

The state of Alabama was pressed by three mothers whose children suffer severe forms of epilepsy to pass legislation that will legalize the use of cannabis oil.


Kari Forsyth, Jodi Mitchell, and Jessica Swanson addressed the Madison County legislative delegation at the public assembling for CBD oil. They appealed for the legalization of this cannabis concentrate. Their bill, named Leni’s law, is sponsored in the state house, by Rep. Mike Ball who agreed to this after witnessing the improvements caused by CBD oil on a girl named Leni in Oregon. During the meeting Jodi Mitchel stated:

Parents need to be able to not worry about whether they are going to jail to try to save our children.

The state of Alabama forbids cannabis possession. This also includes even medicines like cannabidiol (CBD) oil, unless done so in compliance with Carly’s Law. This Law allows usage or possession of CBD oil to patients who are part of a study administered by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.growing-cannabis

Kari Forshyth’s daughter, Chesney, was banned from the research and therefore Carly’s Law, and Jodi Mitchel’s son was at first registered for the study, but unfortunately he was not permitted to continue. Only Jessica Swanson’s daughter, Isla, is getting better and improving every day because she is currently enrolled in the study and using the CBD oil.

What these three mothers did was brave .They spoke up the truth to raise the awareness in Alabama and the country in general. In her speech, Kari Forshyth stated:

If I was to give her the oil now, I would be considered a criminal.

After which, she continued with the emotional statement reminding the public of the improvements that CBD oil brought in people’s lives and how important this bill is:

Leni and many other kids and people are your proof it works. Please stand with us parents and help us giving the kids of Alabama their best quality of life.

If you agree share this story, and help the 3 Alabama mothers fulfill their cause!

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