The States Closest to Legalizing Cannabis in 2016

Last year, 2015, was a great year for people who fight for marijuana legalization, people who enjoy marijuana and marijuana in general. It was a great year because a great momentum was gained in the movement toward full legalization of marijuana. Only six months in 2015 and already 23 states and Washington D.C. had marijuana legalized in some way. Hawaii, Michigan, Delaware and Vermont made great step forward and legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes. Other states, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington set an example and fully legalized marijuana.


2015 was great for legalization, but what can we expect in 2016 and which states are most likely to follow in legalizing marijuana?

Here are 8 states that will probably legalize weed in 2016:

NevadaThe state that most certainly will legalize Cannabis in 2016! It was Nevada’s state campaign that was the first to gather more than enough signatures for the 2016 ballot. With 60 000 extra signatures, Nevada is only a step away from legalizing recreational marijuana.

California – Medical marijuana has long ago been legalized in California, but the ground rules for regulation have never been set by legislators, which only caused a delay for full legalization.  But good news for people in California is that Gov. Jerry Brown, according to the Los Angeles Times, recently signed three new laws that will set up a proper and firm structure toward full legalization of Cannabis.


Maine –Well known for its great medical marijuana program with only a limited number of dispensaries, which with its robust program they are less of a necessity and more of an obligation to meet their patients’ needs. Maine has slowly been preparing for full legalization with the Marijuana Legalization Act.

Arizona – Our next stop is the state of Arizona – legalized medicinal Cannabis in 2010 with an initiative that won by scanty 4 000 votes. Arizona is the state where every vote will count in the battle for full legalization, because a recent poll indicated that 49 per cent of the citizens support the legalization, opposing to 51 per cent who are against the full legalization.

Michigan – Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan since 2008, and the state is still struggling and passing laws to build the best system for this matter. Many groups are reported to be petitioning for the recreational legalization.

Connecticut – Connecticut’s program is running flat since day one of its establishment. Here are six state–licensed dispensaries and from 2012 to this day, and the number of people that support the legalization grows every day. More and more people are aware of how positive will be the legalization on their economy. Even the police is preparing for the full legalization because the state of Connecticut is ready!

Ohio – Legalize Ohio 2016 is the most prominent campaign at the moment. After the failed attempt last year to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana in one fell swoop, the state is in a heated debate due to lack of funding. Although polls are looking good for the supporters as they lead with 57 per cent opposing the 43 per cent of those against.

Vermont – Vermont’s Governor Peter Schulman has reportedly organized meetings discussing the logistics of legalization, after seeing the success of Colorado with legal cannabis. Legalization after these claims may be really near in Vermont as well.

These are the chosen eight that are most likely to legalize marijuana, but let’s not forget that other states as well are considering medical marijuana legislation as well. We may as well be surprised what 2016 might bring us.

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