The Marijuana Olympics

Only one city last year, but several more will join and host the sports games for marijuana enthusiasts, this year. “Everything in Moderation, Except Sweat” is the Marijuana Olympics slogan. This manifestation, or the 420 Games (, were

established to show that marijuana users are NOT lazy, unmotivated or ‘stoners’ and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis and in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

olympicsIn 2015, the Marijuana Olympics were at San Francisco, and this year Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland will also host the 420 Games. The marathon is symbolically 4.20 miles and the contestants will also be able to compete in mountain bike race and standup paddleboarding.

Last year in San Francisco there were about 500 contestants, and this year it is expected that the number will be a lot more than 500. Most of the contestants are high during the games, despite the organizer’s request not to smoke on the starting line.

After the race there will be a concert and free beer!

And just as a reminder: Marijuana is completely legal in Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington, decriminalized in another 15 states, and President Barack Obama stated that he does not see marijuana as a substance that is more dangerous than alcohol.

It seems as if Cannabis is winning all races in the USA.

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