New Weed Show Getting Ready to Air

Charlo Greene, the TV presenter who quit her job at an Alaska television station, saying “Fuck it I quit,” is coming back to the spotlight with her own show!

The ex-news anchor, bravely quit her job on air to work as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club in 2014. She resigned without hesitation to fulfill her purpose as a full time advocate and entrepreneur in the budding marijuana industry, becoming a symbol of the marijuana legalization.

After more than a year since her last TV appearance, she is combining her passion and her talent in her own show called “The Charlo Greene show”, a production which she says, is “The Oprah Winfrey Show for weed.”

“It’s been a year and a half in the making…we’re literally going to take you on the revolutionary road with us,” Greene, 27, stated about the show, which she plans on debuting in the fall. “It’s the marijuana revolution and it’s about so much more than smoking weed.”

Charlo Greene

She divulged some details about her show saying that the show’s goal is destigmatizing marijuana, educating viewers about the positive and medicinal effects of cannabis and all that featuring medical marijuana patients, activists and some leaders in the industry all across the U.S. and even some countries around the world.

“We’re covering a wide range of topics and we know it’s important to show how connected the movement is in different places,” she said. “The show is going to be a bit of everywhere.”

On the path toward fulfilling the goal, on Feb. 8, Greene launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $110,000 for purchasing a mobile studio and hiring a production team. Although, the show was supposed to be a weekly online program, Greene says that interest has been shown by a few prominent companies that would gladly bring her stories on TV five times a week.

Charlo Greene
The show, and getting it off the ground, has faced some serious difficulties, one of them being its cancellation almost one year into production, working with a production company and selling the show’s concept to a TV network.  “They decided to drop the show after the state of Alaska decided pressed charges against me for running the Alaska Cannabis Club,” Greene said.

These accusations, the lost time and lots of money has not stopped the unwearied Charlo Greene, advocating for legalizing and bringing people’s personal experiences to light.

One such experience is Tesa Brice’s. A mother from Colorado who became a cannabis supporter after CBD (cannabidiol) oil was the only thing that helped her 12-year-old son Mursy, who suffered due to Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy, with his seizures. “I was that judgmental person once and now I’m on the other side,” Brice told Greene during one of the show’s first interviews. Domini’Q, Mursy’s twin, raised money for his brother by dancing in a local mall, and his efforts were not in vain since a local medical cannabis company now helps supplement Mursy’s treatment. “So we share her story, her fight and continued struggle for other kids in spite of the fact that she doesn’t really have everything under control with her own,” said Greene.

Personal stories like the one of the Brice family will only be one part of “The Charlo Greene Show,” in addition there will be segments on entrepreneurship in the marijuana industry, with emphasis on women and minorities, as well as information concerning the cannabis legalization across the U.S. “We also need to show people how legalization has been happening so that they can be prepared when they have the opportunity to impact votes,” explained Greene.

And the most amazing part is that, according to Greene, helping the cause of full marijuana legalization is just one part of the bigger picture in ending marijuana prohibition altogether. Her plan is, through her non-profit, to campaign for the passage of measures in the states in which marijuana bills are included in this year’s ballot. “My mission is marijuana legalization now. The end of prohibition is inevitable. The question is how soon is it going to happen and how is going to happen,” Greene concluded.

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