Need a Job? Check These Marijuana Careers

Feel like you need a career change? Tired from your job?  Still looking for your HIGHER CALL? Here’s a list of 10 jobs that you can easily find in the marijuana industry:

Strain reviewer

Yes you can be a strain reviewer! Well, at least according to THE CANNABIST  you will be a marijuana critic. In their ad they wrote that you don’t even need to send them a resume, but there you need to send a strain review – 300 – 600 words and show that you are the one for the job! This is literary THE Dream Job for marijuana enthusiasts.


Not an everyday security job where you need to be a big, bad looking fellow. Instead, this job requires checking ID’s and making sure the day passes without any problems in front of the dispensary.

Pot Tourism

tourism job
Be like Rick Steves from “Rick Steves Europe” and plan vacations for people who want to be stoned while seeing the sites. There are plenty of things that can be organized for this type of tourism, starting with bus tours where you can smoke up, next, relaxing in a spa where you can smoke up, and cannabis cooking classes where you are required to eat cannabis. You just need to think about it, and the sky is the limit.
Take your resume and apply for a career where you will keep stoned vacationists safe!


Not all marijuana jobs are fun, and this proves it. You can be an accountant, answer phones and check in patients 40 hours a week in the marijuana industry. Also shipping, production and delivery jobs are available as part of the administration jobs.


If you are someone who knows a big deal about cannabis and you want to learn a great deal more about strains, edibles and paraphernalia, and you understand retail, then you are just the right person to be the face of the local dispensary – The budtender.


If you are up for selling vapes, edibles, strains, clothing and accessories for fat commissions, all you need to do is contact your local dispensary or the local pot company and became a pot sales person. We are not talking about looking like a suspicious dealer on a street corner. Suit up, grab a briefcase, get your mojo on and go do some sales. 

businessman job

Make Edibles

Another job in production, you can make and package edibles before they are sold in dispensaries. A lot of products, from chocolate to soda, are being made and pot companies are hiring.

Concentrates Specialist

As the title says, you need to be a bit of a specialist, you need know a lot about dabs, shatter, wax and oils, and you also, you need to know a lot about chemistry to do this job. If you are suitable, surely, the marijuana companies will hire you.


You can be creative and make the glass that people smoke from and sell it as a merchant. The variety of glass you can make is endless, just use your imagination!


There are patients who, unfortunately, cannot make it to the dispensary on their own and so, delivery is a big business and is also convenient. Sing up for this job if you have some experience in the delivery business and be the one who delivers cannabis.

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