Most Americans Support the Legalization of Cannabis

In a nationwide survey conducted by , most Americans believe that cannabis should be legalized.

This survey, in which 52 percent of respondents, almost two-thirds of Democrats, clearly stated that its use should be legalized. There was opposition to the idea where about 34 percent of respondents did not agree with its legalization.

Among those who supported the legalization, the strongest were Democrats with a household income of more than $100,000 (66 percent) as well as African Americans (59 percent). Among those who were not in favor were Hispanics (39 percent), respondents over the age of 65 (39 percent) as well as those who identified themselves as Republicans (36 percent).


Legalization Support

Democrats - 66%
African Americans - 59%
Hispanics - 39%
Republicans - 36%
So, it was not surprising that about 86 percent of respondents believed that the government’s efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they are worth. Apart from this, about 62 percent of the respondents believed that the government should not enforce federal law in states that have both legalized and continue to regulate the plant’s use.

In comparison to both the United Kingdom and Germany, the United States supports the legalization of marijuana. As the numbers stand, 32 to 49 percent of the British population and 39 to 45 percent of Germans are opposed to its legalization.

Also, compared to the last poll, which took place in March 2015, there has been a marginal increase in support where the numbers in its favor stood at 48 percent.

This poll is the latest in a number of national polls that validates the support for the use of adult cannabis among most Americans.

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