Men, Women and Cannabis Tolerance

Marijuana influences men and women differently?

Recent studies now answer what marijuana users have always been asking. Does marijuana affect men and women differently? The answer is that sex actually affects the body’s response to cannabis!

The journal of “Drug and Alcohol Dependence,” recently published the discovery that males and females have different THC tolerance. Specifically speaking, females build up their THC tolerance faster than males.

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This research was conducted by Rebecca Craft,   psychology professor at Washington State University, who studied the THC effects on male and female rats, and discovered that female rats “are at least 30 percent more sensitive than males to the pain-relieving qualities of THC.”

The discovery, although, can be seen as positive or negative!

The bad news is, as explained by Craft, that female’s intensified susceptibility to the THC’s pain-relieving effects, most certainly means greater risk of the negative qualities of THC, such as “anxiety, paranoia and addiction.” This basically means that women are more likely to abuse marijuana and become addicted to it, than men.

High Times also reported:

Craft said other researchers, like Margaret Haney at the Columbia University Medical Center, have shown that women are more susceptible to cannabis abuse and dependence than men.

Haney has documented a cannabis withdrawal syndrome of irritability, sleep disruption and decreased food intake that Craft said tends to be more severe in women.

In her research, Craft studied the cannabis effects on female rats across their cycles. She found out that the levels of estrogen highly influence the body’s reaction to cannabis compounds. When the estrogen levels were at their minimum, after their piquing in the cycle, the female’s body was most affected by THC.

The last thing she reported to find was that after 10 days of THC treatment, tolerance was considerably higher in females than males as a result to the hormonal differences between the sexes.

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