The Lamest Excuse in Pot Arrests Ever

After the arrest, the police raided Ryley’s home to find 57 pounds of vacuum sealed bags of marijuana. His excuse was priceless!

“I was going to smoke the lot”


After the bust for what was estimated $375,000 worth of marijuana, Scot told the police, “I was going to smoke the lot.” Maybe Scot thought he is Snoop Dog and the police will believe that he can smoke all that weed.

It was their funeral, but Ryley dug a deeper hole for the bunch when saying that “nothing incriminating would be in their phones.”

Because the statement was not suspicious at all, the police concluded their hidden agenda and made sure that Ryley and his buddies were not going to “smoke the lot.”

Not so fast, Scot

After all the evidence the police found Scot changed his angle and did not stick to his ridiculous first story – he confessed that an acquaintance asked him to only hold onto the marijuana in exchange for $3,000.

He also told the police that, when meeting with his acquaintance, a much greater quantity of weed was delivered to his home than he had anticipated.

No more excuses, boys

In the end Scot, his brother and his friend were charged and admitted to possession of cannabis with the intent to supply it. What a shock!

Dickinson said that his only involvement was helping the Riley brothers move the bags of marijuana, and Kevin Riley pleaded guilty on the basis that his brother offered money in exchange for keeping the weed in his apartment “for a couple of hours.”

The bags of weed were found on top of Kevin Riley 2-year-old son’s toys, but he made it clear that his son and girlfriend did not have any involvement whatsoever. The series of dumb moves and childish lies end with, expectedly, all 3 men getting charged, serving sentences from 20 months to two years.

An example what NOT to do if you ever get caught with that much weed!

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