Israel: Patient Survey Finds 90% Effectiveness Rate For Medical Marijuana Use

More and more people are using medical marijuana every day across the globe. As the stigma surrounding cannabis use continues to erode, I expect that trend to continue. Why are more and more people turning to medical marijuana? That answer is simple – it works. Consider the results of a survey out of Israel which found that medical marijuana was effective for almost every one that used it. Per The Joint Blog:


For the survey, researchers at Ben-Gurion University surveyed demographic characteristics of patients enrolled in the nation’s medical cannabis program over a period of two years. Only six percent stated that medical cannabis was ineffective in treating their condition. Patients were most likely to report that cannabis provided relief from pain, nausea, anxiety and loss of appetite.

If someone does not want to try medical cannabis, I can live with that, provided it’s for the right reasons. I know a lot of people that could benefit from using medical cannabis, but they don’t solely because marijuana is illegal. That line of reason is something that I can’t accept. But regardless, if someone feels that medical marijuana works, and their doctor agrees, they should be able to use medical cannabis. That should be the case in America, Israel, and anywhere else where patients are suffering.

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