Ganjier – The Weed Sommelier

If there are people that are wine experts, why shouldn’t there be people that are weed connoisseurs? Exactly, just like wine experts, weed enthusiasts are naming themselves similar to sommeliers, ganjiers and cannasseurs!

Marijuana lovers are re-branding themselves, at least in terms of what they’re calling themselves. Even though there have been a lot of attempts, one term certainly catches the ear more than the rest. Ganjier!

Who coined the term ganjier?


Kevin Jodery, the co-founder of the site The Ganjier, together with some other people who wanted to describe themselves as cannabis experts invented the word Ganjiers.

The best explanation of the word ganjier is Kevin Jodery’s explanation: “The word ganjier is a play off of sommelier and it means having that knowledge of cannabis at a high level that involves a lot of passion.”

“It’s a way of reclaiming status in a culture that has been, in a lot of ways, denied—so adopting words like cannasseur is taking it back—playfully adopting it.”

What is a cannasseur?

Cannasseur is not really like the production side of things where a person would be considered ganjier. Cannasseur is someone who enjoys cannabis, knows a lot about the flavors and is and is an expert when it comes to experiences under the influence of weed.

Weed-wine for weed-lovers

Wine-lovers and weed-lovers can now consume both at the same time because some California wine-producers are making weed-infused wines such as syrah, cabernet, grenache and viognier. reports that weed-wine is made by co-fermenting wine with weed. Also, adding dry cannabis in the barrel that contains fermenting wine. Next, THC is extracted and infuses into the wine over the next nine months.

What a wine huh? Have you ever tried wine like that? Would you try if you come across a weed-wine? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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