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Same as when you want to book a flight or a hotel, but you visit prices comparison websites rather than the hotel’s/airline’s websites. The same indeed, but for marijuana! Wikileaf applies this same familiar concept to legal and medical cannabis.

First comparison website of its kind, a true pioneer, Wikileaf operates as a “reverse auction.” When using this website you need to set the price you intend to spend on weed and then you wait for dispensaries in your area to make their best offer. They offer you a certain amount (in grams) for the money you intend to spend.

wikileaf pricesThe past years were good for the marijuana movement, and it is expected this year to be historic with 4 states to legalize marijuana in 2016. As cannabis laws and regulations ease throughout the U.S. the number of dispensaries grows by the day. All this is good for the marijuana industry and the competition may be good for the market, but it creates an unpleasant noise for cannabis experts who want to get the best weed at the best price.

If you take a walk along the urban streets of America’s weed-friendly cities like Denver, Seattle and Portland, you will notice that dispensaries are popping up everywhere. And the competition between them is fierce as more shops enter the market.

“The problem for the consumer is that there is no transparency in pricing,” says Dan Nelson, CEO of Wikileaf.

“What you can get for $40 at one shop might get you nearly double that amount in another shop, depending on the dispensaries current inventory levels.”

What Wikileaf is trying to do is help savvy cannabis consumers. With Wikileaf, you can overcome that unpleasant noise and and quickly find dispensaries offering the best deals and prices in your neighborhood.

There is also an update coming this spring that will allow you to compare the price of individual strains and models. “For example, if you’re looking for the best deals on Blue Dream, you could quickly hop onto and find dispensaries currently stocking Blue Dream in your neighborhood–and then compare their offers, to see who’s willing to sell this strain to you at the lowest price.”

Check out this awesome website and find the best weed at the best prices!

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