Dab Sweats – Why Do You Get Them?

Dab sweats are without a doubt the worst side effect for anyone using dabs. But what is the reason for those unpleasant sweats after a huge dab? The reasons are listed in the following text, and if you are a dabber – you should definitely read this.

The cough is where it all starts

The first reason for those unpleasant sweats is the fact how highly concentrated form of marijuana the dab is, and it comes as no surprise. In fact, the sweats you experience have more to do with the cough reflex than how concentrated your dab is, and therefore everything starts with a cough. However, it is all reciprocal and the cough has to do with the size of your dab hit.

It is only natural that your body reacts that way. You start coughing when you take a dab that is too big for your lungs. That is the moment that your body receives chemicals unknown to it in the lungs, most often when chemicals are used to create the concentrate.

What your body actually does is trying to remove some of the THC from the bottom part of your lungs. THC and other chemicals are moving higher and as a result, you may end up coughing a lot of mucus.

dab sweats

Dizzy Spells

You take huge dab hits, you cough and therefore interfere with your usual inhalation and exhalation. All this happening, you also interfere with the oxygen flow through your body, which is the cause of light-headedness after smoking a dab.

The process of moving the THC and the other chemicals from the lower parts of the body to the bronchial tube requires a lot of oxygen to be successful. But filled with unknown chemicals, the body is oxygen deficient and the process can’t be carried out, so the only natural response of the body is the sweat. Just like exercising.

How to avoid dab sweats

The body has to deal with it somehow so dabbers must accept the sweating. However, smaller dabs are recommended in order to avoid the annoying dab sweats. Also a recommendation for dabbers, trying to avoid dizzy spells, is taking a huge dab sitting down, and of course staying hydrated is always important.


If you have any other recommendations or words of wisdom that may help avoid dab sweats, feel free to comment in the comment section.

Enjoy your dabbing!


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