Colorado Tourism Went Sky High After Cannabis Legalization

A newly- released study shows that legalizing cannabis proved to be the right thing to do especially for boosting the tourism.

The Colorado Tourism Office carried out a survey that proved that tourists’ decision to visit Colorado was influenced by the state’s cannabis laws nearly 50 percent of the time. This study was questioning the summertime visitors of Colorado, and the results were shown at a meeting of the office’s board of directors.

Colorado cannabis legalization tourism

The tourism surveys director for Strategic Marketing and Research Insights, Dennis Miller, reported:

I think definitely the laws are having an influence when people are considering Colorado. We can see that it’s still not a large percentage in terms of what people are doing, but it’s become more of a motivator for those who want to do it,

Colorado cannabis legalization tourism

After which, he added:

It’s certainly having some influence –both, I think, positive and negative — on that decision process.

Yet, despite all the numbers and cannabis’ popularity among tourists, the experts on this matter are concerned and are supporting the idea that tourist preparing to make the trip should be more educated about cannabis and everything it has to offer.

Shatter, wax, hash, dabs, and transdermals. Our visitors have no idea what the modern industry has for them and they are really lacking that education,

 Said Danny Schaefer, owner of the cannabis organization My420Tours, who also reminded, once again that: Consumption education is absolutely necessary
Colorado cannabis legalization tourism

The unusual fact, however, is that even if the state cannabis laws are directly associated with the increased tourism, the people that actually visited a dispensary are a low 8 percent – the same number that said to have visited a dispensary the year before.

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