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Trickster Magazine distributor Larry Flynt, the unbelievable and ultra-disputable First Amendment shield, has ventured into the business end of his multi-million dollar piggy bank of porn to put resources into a traded on an open market cannabis firm called Pineapple Express.

hustler featured
Reports show that Mr. Flynt as of late obtained $100,000 of stock in the Los Angeles-based organization, which represents considerable authority in
“consulting, technology, investments, turn-key property rentals and branding concepts to businesses in the legal cannabis industry.”

An article distributed in Forbes uncovers that Flynt’s little girl Theresa, the driving force behind the making of the very fruitful Hustler Hollywood retail chain, has been the VP of Business Development for Pineapple Express since December 2015.

In an announcement issued a week ago, Matthew Feinstein CEO at Pineapple Express said the organization was “lucky” to have the backing of Larry Flynt.

“Knowing that Mr. Flynt has made an investment in our company provides impetus for everyone at headquarters to surpass expectations and deliver excellent results,” he said. “We look forward building long-term value for Mr. Flynt as well as our other shareholders.”

hustler legal

Maybe the most vital component of a political tempest trooper like Larry Flynt venturing into the legitimate cannabis industry is that he accompanies many years of conviction and a general scorn for the central government over its innumerable shameful acts towards the fantasy of American opportunity – and the marijuana issue has unquestionably been no special case.

In 2012, Flynt unleashed a war against the three-headed mammoth he accepts to be in charge of keeping the idea of lawful pot from being acknowledged at the government level: the liquor, pharmaceutical, and jail commercial enterprises. He faulted the destruction of the American dream on by the way that our government officials have chosen to obtrusively overlook the will of the general population and whore themselves rather to the oily openings of the corporate interest

“Pharmaceutical companies don’t want people turning to pot for pain relief because it means they’ll be spending less on prescription pills,” Flynt said in a statement. “The alcohol industry doesn’t want the competition, either. With mounting scientific evidence that pot is safer than alcohol, legal marijuana would clearly put a major dent in the booze business’ profits. Private, for-profit prisons only make money if they’re full, and that means locking up weed growers and pot smokers.” 

Amid a late meeting with MG Magazine, Theresa Flynt clarified that a hefty portion of the obstructions she has experienced during the time working in the grown-up amusement industry are not disparate from what she sees happening today as for the lawful cannabis exchange.

“Believe it or not, the challenges are less unique to the cannabis industry and more similar to the adult entertainment industry,” she said. “The cannabis industry is seeing challenges the adult industry faced a couple decades ago. The laws are changing rapidly, so it’s critical to follow the developments and stay informed.” 

Another examination of the aggregate cannabis industry distributed not long ago by New Frontier finds the business sector will probably reach $23 billion in deals by 2020. A few states are required to legitimize pot in the current year’s approaching presidential decision, including California, which a few specialists accept will be an occasion that ushers in genuine exchanges over government change.


If you are a marijuana smoker, mangoes might be your favorite fruit. Some people believe that mango and weed will lead to faster, stronger, and longer lasting highs. These effects can in part be described by similarities in the chemical makeup of mangoes and marijuana flowers. Other people believe it’s all just rubbish.

After busting myth 1 and myth 2, we have weed expert Josh from StrainCentral again to clear things out for us. Do mangoes boost your high?



Same as when you want to book a flight or a hotel, but you visit prices comparison websites rather than the hotel’s/airline’s websites. The same indeed, but for marijuana! Wikileaf applies this same familiar concept to legal and medical cannabis.

First comparison website of its kind, a true pioneer, Wikileaf operates as a “reverse auction.” When using this website you need to set the price you intend to spend on weed and then you wait for dispensaries in your area to make their best offer. They offer you a certain amount (in grams) for the money you intend to spend.

wikileaf pricesThe past years were good for the marijuana movement, and it is expected this year to be historic with 4 states to legalize marijuana in 2016. As cannabis laws and regulations ease throughout the U.S. the number of dispensaries grows by the day. All this is good for the marijuana industry and the competition may be good for the market, but it creates an unpleasant noise for cannabis experts who want to get the best weed at the best price.

If you take a walk along the urban streets of America’s weed-friendly cities like Denver, Seattle and Portland, you will notice that dispensaries are popping up everywhere. And the competition between them is fierce as more shops enter the market.

“The problem for the consumer is that there is no transparency in pricing,” says Dan Nelson, CEO of Wikileaf.

“What you can get for $40 at one shop might get you nearly double that amount in another shop, depending on the dispensaries current inventory levels.”

What Wikileaf is trying to do is help savvy cannabis consumers. With Wikileaf, you can overcome that unpleasant noise and and quickly find dispensaries offering the best deals and prices in your neighborhood.

There is also an update coming this spring that will allow you to compare the price of individual strains and models. “For example, if you’re looking for the best deals on Blue Dream, you could quickly hop onto Wikileaf.com and find dispensaries currently stocking Blue Dream in your neighborhood–and then compare their offers, to see who’s willing to sell this strain to you at the lowest price.”

Check out this awesome website and find the best weed at the best prices!


There are some that support cannabis legalization because they are open minded and just for fun. Others have witnessed the miracles medicinal cannabis can do and benefited from it an

d thus support it. Next, are the business people and the profit they see in the cannabis industry, making them support the cause even though they are not convinced in the good things that the plant provides.

Let’s assume, just for fun, that you mom does not belong in any of these categories and is strongly against marijuana legalization. Here are 10 things she thinks will happen if weed becomes completely legal:

momEveryone will end up on crack, meth, PCP and bath salts.

She is convinced, or better, she is 100% sure that weed is the beginning and the key ingredient for becoming a full-fledged junkie.

Things she usually says: When weed is legal, what will be next? Crack? Sure! Bath salts? They will sell it to children at school!

No one will ever go to work, and we’ll all get fired.

If you can legally purchase weed, and have access to it anytime you want, it is clear that you would smoke all day and do nothing else. One single hit of that legal marijuana and all your career dreams would be gone. The economy will collapse, it is inevitable! Just do the math.

We’ll all become hardened criminals.

One thing you learned from your mom’s forwarded clickbait articles is that weed inevitable leads to crime!

You vape – you want to rob a bank, you smoke a joint – you want to kidnap someone for ransom, you eat an edible – you want to become a terrorist. It’s that simple.

It’ll probably lead to the purge.

If weed is legal, than probably we should make everything legal? Why not just we have a one night each year, when everyone can smoke weed and murder without any consequences?

Did you know that EVERY murderer in history smoked weed at some point in their lives?

We’ll probably have a lot more hurricanes.

No real explanation for this one, but people found a way to blame hurricanes on gay marriage; so, why not incorporate legalized weed as well?

You’ll get into a car accident and die.

What is the worst thing you can do when you are high? Well according to your mom you will, most likely, get into your car and start ripping that legalized bong until you are on a highway, crash into a school bus and kill everyone involved.

momYou’ll start physically abusing your significant other, for some reason.

The only thing you are a threat to when you are high is a cake. Well that is not true if you ask your mom. She thinks that it’s a good thing something that causes lots of people to be angry and erratic isn’t already legal and available at any convenience store in the country.

Oh wait…

You’ll start talking like Jim Bruer in “Half Baked.”

Whenever she impersonates someone who smokes weed, it is always the squinted eyes and the speech pattern of Tommy Chong’s character in “Up in smoke.”

Every. Single. Time.

momYou’ll die.

It is a well-known fact and it is also inevitable. You smoke weed and you instantly die, and that will not be it. Your stoner friends are nowhere to be found on the day of your funeral. They either forgot or are too lazy to get off the couch.

P.S. All this has been scientifically proven. She read about it on the Internet!

You’ll go to hell.

It says so in the Bible! The Bible’s stance on weed is that if you smoke it you will go hell. That’s it. But, what book? Who said that? Never mind that, it is there and don’t argue with me!

That is about it. So, be careful, and don’t inject those marijuanas!


You love weed? So does the rest of the world. But what are the best placed to visit if you are a weed lover? Here’s the list.

spain weedSpain

In Spain marijuana has been legal for decades. The country has been struggling economically since the Great recession and the government is welcoming the economic boost the cannabis selling industry is giving the nation. In a manner of speaking, you will be helping Spain. So, if you decide to have a cannabis-vacation through Europe, Barcelona is the prefect city to start. It is a great place to visit, the weed is great and it is on the route to Amsterdam, arguably the world’s marijuana-tourism Mecca.


For more than a decade all drugs, including marijuana and cocaine have been decriminalized in Portugal. The drugs are still illegal but people are not imprisoned for possession. If you get caught, you will only receive a small fine. The money from the fines and the money saved from not imprisoning people are used to help people struggling with addiction.

Canada weedCanada

Although cannabis in Canada is not legal for recreational usage, the country has a government-sanctioned medical marijuana program and 20 companies are licensed to produce medical marijuana. The government uses the sales money to further study the medical benefits marijuana has.


When it comes to medical marijuana, the Israeli government is breaking barriers and is an example for other governments around the world. They fund and support the medical marijuana industry and coordinate the medical marijuana program. Israel is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to researches about marijuana’s impact on cancer, addiction and PTSD. If you are in need of medical marijuana, Israel is the country to visit!


According to many reports Icelanders are the happiest people on Earth. Just imagine smoking some northern lights and then watching the northern lights. It must be the physical representation of happiness! No wonder they are so happy.

Fact: 18% of the population in Iceland says it smokes weed!

netherlands weedNetherlands

Surprisingly, marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, but the country has decriminalized small amounts of the plant. This is a strange fact considering that the world’s weed capital, Amsterdam, is in the Netherlands. Two million people visit Amsterdam for one reason only – going to the legendary coffee shops and smoke arguably the best weed in the world. Amsterdam is the one place you must not miss if you smoke pot.



In 2013, this beautiful South American country was the first in the world to completely legalize cannabis. The powerful cartels in Uruguay ran out of business and were decimated. Also, they set the price of cannabis so low that anyone could afford it. What a move!

Legalize Marijuana

He will always be associated with methamphetamine because of his most famous role as Walter White on the hit series Breaking Bad (2008-2013). But, in his private life, Bryan Cranston is a California-born actor who is a plain-spoken advocate of legalizing marijuana, even though he does not consume himself.

In an interview with High Times, from August 2012, he shared his beliefs about marijuana legalization. To this day his beliefs and thoughts on marijuana are still relevant as states are still struggling with the legalization of cannabis, medical or recreational. Here are the highlights from that interview.

Marijuana should be treated like wine

The federal government, even today, lists marijuana as Schedule 1 drug and treats it as substance that is as addictive and as dangerous as heroin. Cranston’s opinion on the other hand, is far more reasonable:


“I went on Bill Maher’s show and publicly said, ‘Legalize marijuana.’ Marijuana started out with a bad connotation, as you know – but to me, marijuana is no different than wine. It’s a drug of choice. It’s meant to alter your current state – and that’s not a bad thing. It’s ridiculous that marijuana is still illegal. We’re still fighting for it.”

Cranston is a non-smoking advocate

The California-born actor said he doesn’t smoke weed because of one quirky side effect:

“Pot has always had the effect of making me sleepy. I have a friend who will smoke — or suck on a pot lollipop – on a daily basis. It not only doesn’t put him to sleep, he cleans the entire house! He goes to work, no ill effects. It’s just his metabolism. Everyone’s body is different.”

But Cranston says that he would use it as medicine, insomnia treatment for example.

“If I ever couldn’t sleep, give me a hit or a little bite of an edible and I’d be out in 15 minutes.”

Marijuana should be a matter of personal choice

Everyone can make their own choices, and instead of prohibition Cranston believes that the USA should let citizens rule on personal marijuana use accord to the laws of personal preference:

“It comes down to individual decision-making,” Cranston argued. “There are millions of people who smoke pot on a social basis and don’t become criminals. So stop with that argument – it doesn’t work.”

He practices what he preaches about cannabis

He told his daughter what he says publicly:

“Again, it’s about decision-making. My wife and I handled it that way: We said, ‘Look, you know we trust you. You make your own decisions; we know you’re smart. If you go out and you want to drink and smoke, be in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable — and don’t drive!”

What a man!

Use common sense: don’t drive when you’re high

Once a wise man, always a wise man, Cranston like many Americans, believes that your personal choices should be danger to another person’s life:

“I see all these celebrities who go out and either get high or get drunk and then drive. It’s like, ‘What is wrong with you? You have all the means – if you want to go out and party, go out and party. But why can’t you hire a driver for the night? C’mon!’ I don’t know…I don’t get it. It’s about being smart.”


According to the United Nation’s figures, as a percentage of the national population, Icelanders consume the most marijuana in the world, although, these numbers doesn’t mean much and is not final. Here’s why.

According to the data collected by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, about 18% of the Icelanders consumed marijuana in 2012, and thus surpassing the U.S. where 15.4% of the population consumed cannabis throughout 2013. These figures from the U.N. are self-reported and the years they were collected differ by country.

icelandersThe Icelanders, when these numbers were released, did not like this reputation and disagreed with the numbers saying that the data was incomplete and that the numbers were only for a small portion of Icelanders and not the whole population.

And it seems they were right after all, because according to the experts, the U.N. seemed to forget maybe the most important figure for the public health and the success of the cannabis market: The number of people who consume marijuana on a daily basis, or nearly daily basis.

“Measuring past-year users doesn’t show us anything because so many people use very rarely, so they don’t factor into demand and they don’t factor into the public health harms,”
says Jonathan Caulkins, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Caulkin also states that “a little over half of cannabis use in the U.S. is consumed by people who spend more than half of their [total] waking hours under the influence.” What he is basically saying is that the bulk of consumption lies in the number of people who use marijuana every day or almost every day.

us flag weedThe National Survey on Drug Use and Health released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in September 2015, tells us that around 8% of Americans reported past-month marijuana use, which means that past-month cannabis use is up by 6% since 2003.

Even though these numbers are more accurate, concerning regular usage, than those for past-year use, Caulkin states that the most accurate figure that can tell use most is how many days a month a certain person is consuming.

Using information from the NSDUH, Caulkin states several facts:

  • In 2013, 1bout 40% of the Americans, who reported past-month marijuana use, said that they consumed it on 21 or more days.
  • Only 2.6% of Americans are using marijuana on a daily or nearly daily basis.
  • Younger Americans make up a large portion of daily users.
  • One in seventeen college students consume cannabis daily or nearly daily in 2014.

There’s little data like this for Iceland, although the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction compiled national population surveys about the daily or nearly daily usage of cannabis:

These reports vary in the year they were assembled, but the comparison with the past decade shows us that the numbers are relatively stable.

  • Spain, Italy and France have the highest percentage of their populations using cannabis on a daily or near daily basis.
  • Spain is on top with 2.6% of the population.
  • Next is Italy with 1.7%
  • Reports from France suggest that 1.5% of the population consumes cannabis daily or nearly daily.

Concerning the past-month usage, right behind the U.S. with 35% is Spain with 34%, followed by France with 33% and Italy with 24%.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that it is almost impossible to identify the No.1 Marijuana-Consumer Country, although the U.S. and Spain seem to lead the race.


After the arrest, the police raided Ryley’s home to find 57 pounds of vacuum sealed bags of marijuana. His excuse was priceless!

“I was going to smoke the lot”


After the bust for what was estimated $375,000 worth of marijuana, Scot told the police, “I was going to smoke the lot.” Maybe Scot thought he is Snoop Dog and the police will believe that he can smoke all that weed.

It was their funeral, but Ryley dug a deeper hole for the bunch when saying that “nothing incriminating would be in their phones.”

Because the statement was not suspicious at all, the police concluded their hidden agenda and made sure that Ryley and his buddies were not going to “smoke the lot.”

Not so fast, Scot

After all the evidence the police found Scot changed his angle and did not stick to his ridiculous first story – he confessed that an acquaintance asked him to only hold onto the marijuana in exchange for $3,000.

He also told the police that, when meeting with his acquaintance, a much greater quantity of weed was delivered to his home than he had anticipated.

No more excuses, boys

In the end Scot, his brother and his friend were charged and admitted to possession of cannabis with the intent to supply it. What a shock!

Dickinson said that his only involvement was helping the Riley brothers move the bags of marijuana, and Kevin Riley pleaded guilty on the basis that his brother offered money in exchange for keeping the weed in his apartment “for a couple of hours.”

The bags of weed were found on top of Kevin Riley 2-year-old son’s toys, but he made it clear that his son and girlfriend did not have any involvement whatsoever. The series of dumb moves and childish lies end with, expectedly, all 3 men getting charged, serving sentences from 20 months to two years.

An example what NOT to do if you ever get caught with that much weed!


About three weeks ago we all saw Bill Maher lighting up a joint on show and stating his remarks and warned about the fragility of marijuana.  It was undoubtedly a bold move that has inspired a lot of the marijuana advocates, especially in Washington D.C. who are planning to smoke cannabis in front of the White House on April 2.

This protest plan in announced and organized by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, and it calls cannabis enthusiasts to gather in front of the white house, where the speakers will demand from President Barack Obama reschedule marijuana without Congress and pardon all Americans imprisoned for cannabis charges, as he has the power to do so.

When the speakers are done, the participants will be invited to commit acts of civil disobedience.

It is scheduled on April 2 instead of the traditional weed holiday on April 20, in order to underline the call for rescheduling marijuana. The light up time, however, remains 4:20 PM.

billThe organizer of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, Adam Eidinger, stated: “There is a huge pent-up demand for this right now, we actually do have the support to do this.”

“We’re calling on the whole country to come,” he says.

This is a national mobilization. Some of us may end up in jail, and that’s fine. It’s actually necessary at this point.”

At first, the plan for the protest and its goals may seem impossible, but looking at the organizers background and their track of success, it does not seem as a pipe dream after all.

The 2014 ballot initiative which was the end of local penalties for minor possessions and cultivation of cannabis in D.C. was their own plan. Also in March 2015, after the congressional Republicans blocked the regulated sales, they hosted two enormous marijuana seed giveaways.

It was Bill Maher’s courageous act, when he smoked a joint on air, as well as his warning that state-level legalization is vulnerable and the fact that legalization was far from a done deal, that polled the campaign’s supporters whether to host the protest after it.

The organizers say that Bill Maher will get his own invite and they hope that more than 1,000 people will attend the civil disobedience. Those uninterested in arrest will be provided the opportunity to avoid the risk.

“We have to take action now, that’s the idea,” Eidinger says. “If it’s not going to happen under Obama, it’s sure as hell not going to happen with Hillary.”

white house bill

Eidinger believes that President Obama, who considers marijuana less dangerous than alcohol, is the reformers’ best chance at rescheduling cannabis, which would open the door for advanced researches and a potential for the lawful use of marijuana as medicine, as well as flinging open penitentiary doors.

“He should pardon tens of thousands of marijuana growers in jail right now. And he should be pardoning them all,” he says.

“The war on drugs is a failure? Mass incarceration is a failure? Then do something about it.”

The rescheduling of marijuana, according to Eidinger, would be a significant step toward full federal legalization of cannabis. As you probably already know, marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance, with no accepted medical value and a potential for abuse.

“This is going to be an extremely personal protest with the president,” Eidinger states.

“It is not going to be Trump people out there. This is going to be his so-called base that thought he would do something for us that is essentially giving up. The only way to stop this protest is to start doing something. We threw the gauntlet down today, essentially.”

The protest was announced on Super Tuesday and will be happening on a great Saturday, April 2. Be there and help the movement!

The entire marijuana culture has always revolved around the color green. But weed can also be purple, right?

Josh from StrainCentral is a knowledgeable guy. He knows his craft. First he explained if holding hits gets you higher. This time he is busting weed myth number 2: Is purple weed better?

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