Cannabis Infiltrated the Oscars

Annually the winners get their Oscars and, this year, what the so-called losers got were the swag bags, which deserved their own award – Most Opulent Marketing Ploy. Inside the swag bags there were, among other things, unlimited Audi car rentals, a $900 toilet paper dispenser, personalized M&Ms, free stays at hotels in Italy, a 10-day, first-class trip to Israel, and many other luxurious treats which have a value of record-breaking $200,000-per-bag value.


There was one gift though, that caught everyone’s attention, and what was most interesting, was the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer, which could be bought for $249.99. The vape is somehow unusual because of its great flexibility, and as such it works with e-liquids, dried herbal blends, and wax and thick concentrates.

The vape is one of a kind and a unique product on the market. The high tech that Haze’s vaporizer uses is heat exchange system allows users to put inside whatever they wish because it preheats the outside air and cools it before it comes to contact with the users mouth.

2016 is the second year that the swag bags have included this vaporizer together with other gadgets.

But the Haze was not the only connection the Oscars’ swag had with cannabis this year. Corina Nuessler, the great-aunt of the four-year-old Kyla Williams, whose family is fighting to get her epilepsy treated with medicinal cannabis, also presented her premium body care line Corsus, as well as collecting autographs that will be auctioned in order to help Kyla’s Quest, an organization that helps finance and educate Canadian family in need for medical marijuana.

Next in line that took part of the Oscars, connected with cannabis, were Realm of Caring, a non-profit organization supporting the development of cannabinoid therapies.

It must be admitted that the charity component is stimulating and fresh in every way.

In conclusion, no matter the opinion about the ultra-posh gift bags – it is what marketers and brands do, getting their products in front of celebrities, – one thing must not be left unsaid: The pro-cannabis items in those bags are a huge win for the marijuana movement!

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