Cannabis business cruise – Yes it is happening!

Lately we witnessed some incredible developments for the cannabis industry and cannabis in general. But with the world’s first cannabis business cruise, scheduled in October 2016, things are looking up. The offer is prepared by marijuana entrepreneur James Lee, the founder and CEO of Skill Stix and Dabvertising, but his true calling in cannabis may soon be tied to the hospitality industry.

Cannabis business cruise
What used to be a wild dream, will become reality on October 24, 2016, when a commercial-grade cruise liner, with only marijuana professionals will sale from Florida to Jamaica. In Jamaica they will be saluted with a legendary all-you-can-absorb cannabis trade show made just for the business-minded marijuana consumer.

“This is definitely going to be something the industry has never seen before,” Lee told Ganjapreneur.

However, the cruise ship will not be marijuana – friendly because of international laws.

“It’s take what we can get,” Lee said. “There is no way to legally have anything onboard the ship. It’s just impossible, the Coast Guard would seize the ship.”

After a year of effort and countless rejections, the project is finally finished after James Lee signed a contract with Canna Travel, who agreed to share in some of the outreach efforts. The deal was concluded on February 3.

“We went as a duo to this major industry and said, ‘look, this is what’s on the line,” Lee said. “We’ve got this money…. We have everything, down to designs for the placards they’ll wear around their necks. We have everything, we just need a ship.”

The details about the trip, including possible ticket price and sponsors for the event will be revealed in March.

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