Bill Maher Lights Up a Joint On Show

Bill Maher – Real Time. Remember when Zack Galifianakis lit up a joint on show? Well now it’s the host’s turn.

In a 7 minute rant against those who stand in the way of country-wide legalized marijuana, he turned to President Obama’s “supporting” statement that marijuana is not as bad as alcohol or cigarettes, but it’s a bad habit.

He then went on to compare and contrast the legalization of marijuana to that of gay marriage, saying the loss of money in the earlier is what brakes the deal.

He also spoke about Raymond Schwab and how his kids got taken away because Kansas hasn’t been a liberal as Colorado when it comes to using medical marijuana.

In a majestic closing, he took out the joint and lit it up on air. Kudos to you, Bill Maher.

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