The Best Marijuana Documentary You Will Ever Watch

Throughout history, cannabis has been falsely accused to be the cause of many illnesses. Poorly executed, ruthless, senseless and unethical researches were published only to cover the truth about the healing herb.

The most atrocious experiment ever to be conducted was ordered by a former US president, Ronald Reagan. The research was performed on monkeys that consume 30 joints a day, and die 90 days later due to brain cells death. A negative cannabis propaganda has been spread ever since.

Many years after this experiment, we finally know the truth. It was revealed that the monkeys were consuming 63 instead of 30 joints a day, directly inhaling the smoke through gas masks. This vast amount of cannabis smoke would be delivered within 5 minutes. This treatment lasted for three months instead of one year. The end result – the monkeys passed away.

Watch the documentary and draw your own conclusion. The only truth in this research is how brutal and ruthless governments can be in manipulating the truth.

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