Arkansas Mom Joins the Cause

Medical marijuana is beneficial, that much we know. 23 states have already realized that fact and legalized it, and we can only hope the rest will follow the example. At the moment, the race in Arkansas is on – 85,000 signatures are needed to bring medical marijuana back to the Arkansas ballot.

Not that long ago we wrote about the miracles of cannabis oil – Gwenevere’s story, and how cannabis oil changed her life. There was also another case of three Alabama mothers who saw the benefits of cannabis oil and pleaded for its legalization.  Seeing and hearing about hundreds of such great stories, one mother from Arkansas, decided to act in favor of legalizing medicinal cannabis.

Samantha Smith is mother of the 4 year-old Preslee who deals with uncontrolled seizures daily, and doctors have said medical marijuana could change that. Preslee was born with a genetic mutation and is having uncontrolled seizures since she was only 2 months old.

“Every time they add a medicine to us, I always get scared, because it’s something else that’s going to sedate her. It may make her lethargic,” Smith explained.

She than continued what Preslee’s Neurologist told her about an oil that contains THC , after a stay at PICU.

“He took us out in the hallway and told us they were hoping that there would be a trial here soon, and that he felt like Preslee would benefit,” Smith said.

After that the Smith family even traveled to the Mayo Clinic for that trial, but because medical marijuana is illegal in Arkansas, Preslee did not get chosen.

“If you were in my position, and if you were watching your child suffer… this is out there, and it could help her. There’s other people that it is helping, and I’m just begging for her to have that chance,” said Smith.

Samantha Smith does not hide her disappointment and says that she was heartbroken when the issue failed by just one percent of the vote, because of the people who believe that medical marijuana would be only abused. She acts now and asks people to educate themselves concerning medical marijuana ant its benefits, and possibly give her daughter’s quality of life back.

“As a mother, when you’re sitting there and you know that something else is out there that’s proven to help other children, it’s really hard for me to just sit back and watch what they do to her,” – Samantha Smith, an activist, advocate, but first and foremost a mother protecting her child.


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