7 Countries You Should Visit If You Love Weed

You love weed? So does the rest of the world. But what are the best placed to visit if you are a weed lover? Here’s the list.

spain weedSpain

In Spain marijuana has been legal for decades. The country has been struggling economically since the Great recession and the government is welcoming the economic boost the cannabis selling industry is giving the nation. In a manner of speaking, you will be helping Spain. So, if you decide to have a cannabis-vacation through Europe, Barcelona is the prefect city to start. It is a great place to visit, the weed is great and it is on the route to Amsterdam, arguably the world’s marijuana-tourism Mecca.


For more than a decade all drugs, including marijuana and cocaine have been decriminalized in Portugal. The drugs are still illegal but people are not imprisoned for possession. If you get caught, you will only receive a small fine. The money from the fines and the money saved from not imprisoning people are used to help people struggling with addiction.

Canada weedCanada

Although cannabis in Canada is not legal for recreational usage, the country has a government-sanctioned medical marijuana program and 20 companies are licensed to produce medical marijuana. The government uses the sales money to further study the medical benefits marijuana has.


When it comes to medical marijuana, the Israeli government is breaking barriers and is an example for other governments around the world. They fund and support the medical marijuana industry and coordinate the medical marijuana program. Israel is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to researches about marijuana’s impact on cancer, addiction and PTSD. If you are in need of medical marijuana, Israel is the country to visit!


According to many reports Icelanders are the happiest people on Earth. Just imagine smoking some northern lights and then watching the northern lights. It must be the physical representation of happiness! No wonder they are so happy.

Fact: 18% of the population in Iceland says it smokes weed!

netherlands weedNetherlands

Surprisingly, marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, but the country has decriminalized small amounts of the plant. This is a strange fact considering that the world’s weed capital, Amsterdam, is in the Netherlands. Two million people visit Amsterdam for one reason only – going to the legendary coffee shops and smoke arguably the best weed in the world. Amsterdam is the one place you must not miss if you smoke pot.



In 2013, this beautiful South American country was the first in the world to completely legalize cannabis. The powerful cartels in Uruguay ran out of business and were decimated. Also, they set the price of cannabis so low that anyone could afford it. What a move!

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