4 Things to Know When Using Marijuana at Work

There are companies that allow employees to use marijuana at work. As the number of people who use medical marijuana as a treatment for their condition grows every day, there are some that do not need to use medicinal cannabis during work hours and that is not an issue they have to face while working. However, employees with, let’s say, motion disorder, have to use cannabis during their working hours to ease their symptoms. If by any chance, you are one of those patients here are 4 tips to keep in mind.

vaporizer workUse a vaporizer, don’t smoke

As you probably already assumed, using a vaporizer instead of smoking will be clever. Vaping is much more discreet and produces odorless vapor, as opposed to the strong smell produced when smoking. Also, almost every company follows municipal bylaws and do not allow smoking on their property. Work it out with your boss to find the most appropriate place to use a vaporizer at work.


edibles workConsume, don’t vape

Edibles and oils are another option to consume your medicine at work. It is far easier because you don’t have to smoke or vape publically. Finding oils and other concentrates is becoming easier every day, so that is highly recommended. Edibles are also a recommended option, but only if you are feeling comfortable with your dosage. Dosing can be really tricky when it comes to edibles, so be careful before trying this at work.

Keep it private

If you need to bring medical marijuana at work, don’t let your co-workers smell and keep the odors in! A simple solution to this is a product like Smelly Proof bag. Also keep it safe and under lock and key!

Keep it professional

Let’s say your daily routine is taking your medicine to and from work, what you need is a professional and discreet bag. An ordinary briefcase will do because you will avoid unwanted attention.

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