2 Month Old Epilepsy Patient Makes History

Amylea Nunez, at the age of just 2 months, is the youngest epilepsy patient ever to receive cannabis oil treatment at a hospital in Colorado.

Ever since her birth in December 2015, she has been suffering from seizures, due to being born with a rare form of epilepsy. After trying conventional treatment in the form of drug therapy for weeks, her parents began to look for alternative treatments.

Her father, Ernie, explains why they looked for alternative treatment, saying, “The medication she’s on is hard for her liver and so we’re trying to do something different that’s not so bad on her body.”

The alternative treatment that they sought was found in the form of cannabis oil – known as Charlotte’s Web. This oil has been known to treat severe seizures effectively, especially in children. For those concerned about whether it gets users high, the THC levels are very low, about 1 percent, actually.

Still, given how young Amylea is, using this cannabis oil as a treatment is controversial. This also explains why the Nunez family had to fight very hard to get the treatment approved by the doctor since she was still an in-patient at the Colorado hospital.

As a result, Amylea will also be a part of a case study that uses cannabis oil to treat seizures in young children.

This isn’t the first time that Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil has received national attention. Not very long ago, Dr. Sanjay Gupta covered the profile of a young child named Charlotte Figi who was suffering from a rare epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome. According to her doctors, she had been suffering about 300 grand mal seizures a week.

Of course, the doctors did everything in their power to stop the seizures but nothing worked. It was then that her parents decided to try this low-THC cannabis oil. The most amazing thing happened – the oil eliminated Figi’s seizures completely. Her parents now say that she is doing very well after the treatment.

A number of other children with these severe epileptic seizures have also enjoyed similar results with cannabis oil. Yet, with the treatment still considered illegal in certain states, the access to this form of alternative treatment remains out of reach.

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