10 Things Your Mom Thinks Will Happen If Weed Is Legal

There are some that support cannabis legalization because they are open minded and just for fun. Others have witnessed the miracles medicinal cannabis can do and benefited from it an

d thus support it. Next, are the business people and the profit they see in the cannabis industry, making them support the cause even though they are not convinced in the good things that the plant provides.

Let’s assume, just for fun, that you mom does not belong in any of these categories and is strongly against marijuana legalization. Here are 10 things she thinks will happen if weed becomes completely legal:

momEveryone will end up on crack, meth, PCP and bath salts.

She is convinced, or better, she is 100% sure that weed is the beginning and the key ingredient for becoming a full-fledged junkie.

Things she usually says: When weed is legal, what will be next? Crack? Sure! Bath salts? They will sell it to children at school!

No one will ever go to work, and we’ll all get fired.

If you can legally purchase weed, and have access to it anytime you want, it is clear that you would smoke all day and do nothing else. One single hit of that legal marijuana and all your career dreams would be gone. The economy will collapse, it is inevitable! Just do the math.

We’ll all become hardened criminals.

One thing you learned from your mom’s forwarded clickbait articles is that weed inevitable leads to crime!

You vape – you want to rob a bank, you smoke a joint – you want to kidnap someone for ransom, you eat an edible – you want to become a terrorist. It’s that simple.

It’ll probably lead to the purge.

If weed is legal, than probably we should make everything legal? Why not just we have a one night each year, when everyone can smoke weed and murder without any consequences?

Did you know that EVERY murderer in history smoked weed at some point in their lives?

We’ll probably have a lot more hurricanes.

No real explanation for this one, but people found a way to blame hurricanes on gay marriage; so, why not incorporate legalized weed as well?

You’ll get into a car accident and die.

What is the worst thing you can do when you are high? Well according to your mom you will, most likely, get into your car and start ripping that legalized bong until you are on a highway, crash into a school bus and kill everyone involved.

momYou’ll start physically abusing your significant other, for some reason.

The only thing you are a threat to when you are high is a cake. Well that is not true if you ask your mom. She thinks that it’s a good thing something that causes lots of people to be angry and erratic isn’t already legal and available at any convenience store in the country.

Oh wait…

You’ll start talking like Jim Bruer in “Half Baked.”

Whenever she impersonates someone who smokes weed, it is always the squinted eyes and the speech pattern of Tommy Chong’s character in “Up in smoke.”

Every. Single. Time.

momYou’ll die.

It is a well-known fact and it is also inevitable. You smoke weed and you instantly die, and that will not be it. Your stoner friends are nowhere to be found on the day of your funeral. They either forgot or are too lazy to get off the couch.

P.S. All this has been scientifically proven. She read about it on the Internet!

You’ll go to hell.

It says so in the Bible! The Bible’s stance on weed is that if you smoke it you will go hell. That’s it. But, what book? Who said that? Never mind that, it is there and don’t argue with me!

That is about it. So, be careful, and don’t inject those marijuanas!

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