10 Pothead Celebrities

There’s no question that a number of celebrities like pot. For one, Snoop Dogg comes to mind, while Willie Nelson has always loved weed. In recent times, Jack Black has been known to hit the bong.

Yet these are celebrities you’d expect to enjoy such a habit. Of course, there are others who enjoy this herb but will surprise you.

That said, here are 10 celebrities that you’d hardly imagine enjoy smoking pot:

1: Stephen King

Without a doubt, Stephen King is the most popular horror novelist of this generation. But unlike other celebrities who are hesitant to talk about using cannabis, King went on to say that it should not only be legal, but also a cottage industry that would be beneficial for the state of Maine. What he also said was that while there was some excellent homegrown dope available, it would be better if it could be grown with fertilizers and greenhouses.

2: George Clooney

5794-george-clooneyWhen shooting Ocean’s Twelve in Amsterdam, reporters were told that Clooney is no stranger to a cannabis cafe located there. What was also revealed was that the dashing actor visits the store in the area a few times every year. And given how calm and collected the actor always is, it makes more sense than ever.

3: Justin Timberlake

Timberlake has already mentioned that marijuana should be legalized. In fact, he told fellow musician Nelly that doing this will cut crime in half. According to the latter, they both share a love for cannabis which they use when they hang out together. It’s probably the reason why Justin Timberlake could stand being in N-Sync for so long.


4: Morgan Freeman

In an interview with The Guardian, Freeman said that he has stopped using hard drugs but also admitted to not wanting to stop the use of Mary Jane. To confirm his affinity to marijuana, he also said that it was “God’s own weed”. Totally agree with you, Almighty.

5: Michael Bloomberg

When the 108th Mayor of New York was asked if he ever smoked pot, he admitted to doing so before becoming Mayor. Surprised?

6: Harrison Ford

It was Bill Maher who brought Harrison Ford out of the ‘cannabis’ closet when speaking about this at a NORML conference. Of course, it just had to be true given all the crazy stunts that Indiana Jones pulled off.

7: Brad Pitt

brad_pittWhether it was on the set of Thelma & Louise or even Ocean’s Eleven, one thing was very clear: Pitt likes to relax at the end of a hard day’s work smoking cannabis. Apart from being spotted smoking marijuana on set, he’s also sported a few T-shirts that expressed his love for the green.

8: Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress has expressed her love for weed on a number of occasions. In fact, in her marriage to Pitt, she confessed to smoking weed with him regularly.

9: Kirsten Dunst

It was not long ago that Kirsten Dunst admitted that she loves smoking weed and that America’s stance on marijuana was ridiculous. She also went on to say that the world would probably be a better place if everyone smoked weed. Mary Jane is right about Mary Jane.

10: Charlize Theron

Recently Charlize Theron was caught sucking smoke from an apple. These pictures were published in the National Enquirer in 2002. Of course, while she never admitted to using marijuana, it’s pretty clear that this was not her first time.

What this goes to show is that marijuana is widely accepted among a number of celebrities who don’t have a problem in admitting that weed is alright to smoke.

So, are there any other celebrities that you can think of who smoke weed? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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